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Blairstown Township 1887 Directory

**All whose vocation is not mentioned are farmers**

Angle, Frederick, Blairstown
Angle, David, Blairstown
Ayers, George, butcher, Blairstown
Ayres, Laura, tailoress, Blairstown
Auble, Robert, carter, Blairstown
Auble, Geo. D., miller, Blairstown
Auble, Geo. W., miller, Blairstown
Andress, Roderick B., carpenter, Blairstown
Andress, Isaiah P., laborer, Blairstown
Alpaugh, Nathan, blacksmith, Blairstown
Allen, John M., Blairstown
Allen & Titman, lumbermen, Blairstown
Armstrong, Milton N., M.D., Blairstown
Albertson, Rachel, weaving, Paulina
Albertson, Philip, mail carrier, Blairstown
Blair, John I., railroad king, Blairstown
Bellis, John, Blairstown
Bellis, John R., Blairstown
Butler, Henry S., minister of gospel, Blairstown
Bowers, John A., Blairstown
Bowers, Jacob S., Blairstown
Branigan, George, druggist, Blairstown
Ball, Joseph G., Blairstown
Ball, Jacob, mason, Blairstown
Ball, Marcus, mason, Blairstown
Ball, George, tinsmith apprentice, Blairstown
Bird, Thomas S., mason, Paulina
Bird, John, laborer, Blairstown
Bird, Isaiah, miller, Paulina
Barker, Harvey G., mason, Blairstown
Brown, Nicholas E., laborer, Blairstown
Brown, Alvin, railroad conductor, Blairstown
Brown, Benjamin, railroad conductor, Walnut Valley
Brown, Issac L., Blairstown
Blazier, Charles, creamery hand, Blairstown
Babbitt, Hampton, carriage painter and trimmer, Blairstown
Beegle, Elias E., cooper, Blairstown
Beegle, William E., cooper, Blairstown
Beck, Ervin, lumberman, Walnut Valley
Bunnell, J. Fletcher, Blairstown
Bunnell, Isaac, Blairstown
Bunnell, Henry, Blairstown
Bunnell, Frank P.., confectioner-dealer in gent's furnishings goods, hats caps, segars, notions etc.
Bunnell, Leslie C., assistant postmaster, Blairstown
Bunnell, Lizzie, milliner, Blairstown
Bunnell, Jennie, Secretary for Jno. Bunnell, Blairstown
Bartow, Isaiah, Hainesburg
Bartow, John H., railroad engineer, Blairstown
Brands, William C., Blairstown
Brands, Nelson, Hainesburg
Bunnell, James K., Blairstown
Bunnell, John, fire and life insurance agent, Blairstown
Brugler, Charles S., printer, Blairstown
Brugler, James Ol, laborer, Mt. Herman
Bentz, Jacob, marble dealer, Blairstown
Carter, John A., horseshoer and general blacksmith, N. Jersey
Craig, Robert Jr., merchant, N. Jersey
Cowell, A.R., blacksmith, Walnut Valley
Conklin, edward H. Jr., lime dealer, Blairstown
Conklin, E.H., minister of the gospel, Blairstown
Cyphers, Williams, Blairstown
Castner, Jacob T., sawyer, Blairstown
Carter, George, sawyer, Blairstown
Carter, D.C., editor Blairstown Press, Blairstown
Cornell, Theodore P., Paulina
Cook, John, Blairstown
Cook, Elisha, Blairstown
Cook, Marshall, Blairstown
Cook, Simeon, laborer, Blairstown
Christian, Myron, Blairstown
Crisman, Edgar, retired, Blairstown
Crisman, Morris, retired, Blairstown
Crisman, Cassius, retired, Blairstown
Crisman, Calvin, retired, Blairstown
Crisman, Lemuel, retired, Blairstown
Crisman, Morris R., laborer, Blairstown
Crisman, Marshall, laborer, Blairstown
Crisman, John I.B., Blairstown
Chase, D.L., shoemaker, Blairstown
Clifford, B.R., Hainesburg
Decker, Alex., Blairstown
Decker, Geo., Blairstown
Divers, Fannie, dressmaker, Blairstown
Divers, John, Blairstown
Divers, Lizzie, dressmaker, Blairstown
Drake, L.C., wheelwright, wagon and carriage manufacturer, Blairstown
Davidson, John, Hainesburg
Dorland, G.H., miller, Blairstown
Elder, Fred, W., landlord, Blairstown
Ervine, William, cooper, Walnut Valley
Ervine, Joseph D., freighter, Blairstown
Edmonds, A.F., U.S. mail agent, Paulina
Edgerton, James, town clerk, Blairstown
Edgerton, Byron C., liveryman, Blairstown
Firth, Eli, cabinet maker, Paulina
Flummerfelt, J.K., Mt Hermon
Flummerfelt, John W., Mt Hermon
France, James C., laborer, Walnut Valley
France, Abram, laborer, Walnut Valley
France, Ira, mason, Blairstown
France, Jacob, carpenter, Blairstown
Freeman, E.H., jeweler, Blairstown
Freeman, Aaron, laborer, Walnut Valley
Guinup, Alfred, Walnut Valley
Gougher, Gershom, Walnut Valley
Gougher, Marshal, laborer, Walnut Valley
Gougher, John H., laborer, Walnut Valley
Gougher, James, Walnut Valley
Gougher, Johnson, Walnut Valley
Glass, Reuben, cabinet maker, Walnut Valley
Garrison, Philip, laborer, Mt Hermon
Garrison, Seth D., laborer, Blairstown
Green, Charles, Blairstown
Gibbs, Isaac, Blairstown
Gibbs, Abram, freighter, Blairstown
Groover, Martin, Blairstown
Hiles, Lymon, Mt Hermon
Huff, Silas, laborer, Mt Hermon
Hall, John, laborer, Blairstown
Hartman, Andrew, laborer, Blairstown
Hartmen, Ira, Blairstown
Hull, David, laborer, Blairstown
Howell, WIlliam C., ticket and freight agent, Blairstown
Howell, Margarette A., milliner, Blairstown
Harris, Elias, clerk drug store, Blairstown
Heater, James, laborer, Blairstown
Heater, James R., Blairstown
Heater, Samuel S., Blairstown
Heater, Elias L., Knowlton
Heldemore, Charles, sash and blind maker, Paulina
Hoagland, Edward, Knowlton
Hill, Isaac, Blairstown
Hill, Alonzo, Justice of the peace, Blairstown
Hill, James D., justice of the peace, Walnut Valley
Hill, And'w, Bl'rst'n
Hill Jos. D., Wal. Vall'y
Hill J. Fletcher, painter, Blairstown
Hill, Abram, Walnut Valley
Hill, Alva B., Walnut Valley
Hartmen, David W., Walnut Valley
Hartman, Myron C., butcher, Blairstown
Hartman, Theodore, clerk, Blairstown
Hibler, Silas, Blairstown
Hankinson, Belden H., mechanic, Paulina
Jones, Joshua, Blairstown
Jones, Charles Fl, Walnut Valley
Jones, William M., Blairstown
Johnson, John C., M.D., Blairstown
Johnston, Samuel, carpenter, Blairstown
Johnston, William L., blacksmith, Blairstown
Johnson, Alfred K., carpenter, Blairstown
Johnston, Charles P., Paulina
Keyser, Jacob, Blairstown
Kirkhoff, Cornelius, Walnut Valley
Kirkhoff, George B., Walnut Valley
Kinney, James C., laborer, Blairstown
Kinney, Jesse, laborer, Blairstown
Kinney, Bartley L., Blairstown
Kishpaugh, Nelson, Mt Hermon
Kishpaugh, Elmer W., Blairstown
Kishpaugh, John, Blairstown
Kishpaugh, Isaac, laborer, Blairstown
Kishpaugh, William R., ex-teacher, Blairstown
Koukle, John, Blairstown
Koukle, Milton S., fancy stock dealers, Blairstown
Koukle, Lewis A., teacher, Blairstown
Koukle, Anna M., fancy goods dealter, Blairstown
Kise, Jacob, laborer, Blairstown
Kise, Emanuel, carpenter, Blairstown
Kentz, Aaron, laborer, Walnut Valley
Keepers, Charles, merchant, Blairstown
Lanterman, Isaac D., Blairstown
Lanterman, Edward L., surveyor, Blairstown
Lanterman, Aaron J., Blairstown
Lanterman, Peter A., proprietor of Cedar Lake House, Blairstown
Lanterman, John P., Blairstown
Lanterman, J. Clark, Blairstown
Lanterman, Clinton, laborer, Blairstown
Kehnroth, Charles H., teacher at Blair Hall, Blairstown
Larue, Bartley, Blairstown
Luse, Jacob L., retired farmer, Blairstown
Lewis, T.L., Blairstown
Lanning, Andrew, Mt. Herman
Lanning, Elmer E., Mt Herman
Logan, John R., carpenter and builder, contracts taken for erection of all kinds of buildings, Blairstown
Lundy, George, laborer, Blairstown
Lance, John, Walnut Valley
Lance, George M., Walnut Valley
Lance, Anthony, wheelwright, Walnut Valley
Lance, Isaiah, carpenter, Walnut Valley
Lance, J.B., teacher, Walnut Valley
Linabery, Philip, Blairstown
Linabery, Gershom C., Blairstown
Linabery, Josiah D., Walnut Valley
Linabery, Samuel B., Walnut Valley
Linabery, Calvin C., Walnut Valley
Linabery, Hiram C., Blairstown
Linabery, Silas A., constable, Blairstown
Linabery, Jabez J., Blairstown
Linabary, James H., Walnut Valley
Linabery, William L., blacksmith, Blairstown
Mann, Marshall, laborer, Blairstown
Mann, Horace, laborer, Blairstown
Mann, Joseph M., barber etc., Blairstown
Mann, Charles, clerk, Blairstown
Mackey, Elias J., Blairstown
Mackey, Charles, Blairstown
Mackey, Marshall, cooper, Walnut Valley
Messler, Simeon, Blairstown
Miller, Conrad, President of Bangor Railroad Company, Blairstown
Maines, Ralph, laborer, Blairstown
Maines, Jacob, carpenter, Blairstown
Metzgar, John N., Blairstown
McGuiness, George, tailor, Blairstown
McCarly, James, laborer, Blairstown
McConachy, Samuel, miller, Blairstown
McConachy, Clinton, Blairstown
McConachy, William M., Blairstown
McConachy, John C., Blairstown
Mitchel, Robert, Blairstown
Mingle, Jacob, Paulina
McCain, Jeremiah, Mt Herman
McCain, Lewis, Mt Herman
McCain, Melvin C., blacksmith, Blairstown
McCracken, William, laborer, Blairstown
McCracken, John, painter, Blairstown
Merrick, Peter, Walnut Valley
Merrick, Jacob B., Walnut Valley
McCleary, Robert, laborer, Knowlton
Mullen, James, baker, Blairstown
Opdyke, John W., gentleman, Blairstown
Perry, George W., lawyer, Blairstown
Perry, William S., carriage trimmer, Knowlton
Perry, George Jr., colporteur, Knowlton
Potter, Samuel, laborer, Walnut Valley
Place, J.M., millright, Blairstown
Pope, Charles E., carpenter, Blairstown
Parr, Gershom, laborer, Walnut Valley
Perry, Mrs. S.D., summer boarding house, Knowlton
Pullis, George, Walnut Valley
Pullis, Read, undertaker and cabinet maker, Blairstown
Pullis, William M., laborer, Walnut Valley
Painter, John, miller, Blairstown
Pierson, John, tinsmith, Blairstown
Quick, Benjamin, Blairstown
Raub, William C., butcher, Blairstown
Raub, Calvin E., farmer and butcher, Blairstown
Raub, Albert, Blairstown
Raub, Erastus V., Blairstown
Rusling, R.H., tinsmith, Blairstown
Reader, David, H., laborer, Blairstown
Reader, Geo. F., Blairstown
Reader, Alfred, Blairstown
Robins, George, shoemaker, Blairstown
Rice, Robt. G., Blairstown
Rhodes, Peter, Hainesburg
Rice, Geo. C., clerk, Blairstown
Rice, Lizzie, mantua maker, Blairstown
Read, Isaac F., distiller and farmer, Blairstown
Read, John A., laborer, Blairstown
Snover, Andrew, N., Blairstown
Snover, Emanuel, Blairstown
Sipley, Melissa, milliner, Blairstown
Sipley, John, carpenter, Blairstown
Sly, C.W., prop. Blairstown creamery, Blairstown
Strickland, Chas., shoemaker, Blairstown
Swisher, Abram, Blairstown
Seigler, Wm R., printer, Blairstown
Seigler, Isaac, laborer, Blairstown
Shotwell, George M., laborer, Blairstown
Shotwell, John, laborer, Blairstown
Shotwell, James, laborer, Blairstown
Smith, Ervin W., agent for Champion plows and Hench's walking and riding cultivators, Walnut Valley
Shuster, Isaac, Blairstown
Shuster, Timothy, hostler, Blairstown
Savercool, Robt., Walnut Valley
Silverthorn, John, painter, Blairstown
Shipman, George, painter, Blairstown
Snyder, Jeremiah, painter, Knowlton
Snyder, Paul G., retired, Knowlton
Snyder, Aaron, Knowlton
Snyder, William, laborer, Knowlton
Snyder, Robert M., Blairstown
Snyder, John F., Knowlton
Snyder, Andrew W., sash and blind maker, Paulina
Snyder, Jas., laborer, Mt Hermon
Stiff, J.N., harness maker, Blairstown
Smith, Nathan, S., Blairstown
Smith, Joshua, Walnut Valley
Smith, Charles C., Walnut Valley
Shumaker, J.H., principal of Blair Hall, Blairstown
Smith, Wm. J., Blairstown
Smith, Henry K., Knowlton
Smith, Conrad, Blairstown
Smith, Wm. C., Knowlton
Smith, Abram H., merchant, Blairstown
Smith, Geo. W., laborer, Blairstown
Smith, Franklin M., justice of peace, Blairstown
Smith, Jacob A., Blairstown
Smith, Irvin W., prop'r of Willow Farm boarding house, Blairstown
Smith, Critendon, wheelwright, Blairstown
Smith, Theo. H., laborer, Blairstown
Smith, Abram L., Walnut Valley
Smith, Lodor, laborer, Blairstown
Smith, Read, Blairstown
Smith, Jacob T., RR fireman, Blairstown
Shubert, A.A., dentist, Blairstown
Stout, Gideon L., sawyer, Walnut Valley
Swartz, John W., laborer, Blairstown
Shanon, Jas. H., prop. Evergreen Lake Farm, Knowlton
Stoll, Robt. S., merchant and collector, Blairstown
Sliker, Caleb W., laborer, Blairstown
Sliker, David S., RR engineer, Blairstown
Snover, Geo. F., Blairstown
Snover, Lemuel, Blairstown
Snover, Elias J., Blairstown
Snover, Wm S., butcher, Blairstown
Snover, Marshall, RR fireman, Blairstown
Titus, Andrew, laborer, Walnut Valley
Titus, Jos. F., laborer, Blairstown
Tinsman, Wm, Knowlton
Teel, Albert, Blairstown
Teel, Isaiah, laborer, Blairstown
Teel, John D., Walnut Valley
Teel, Andrew, Blairstown
Teel, Jordan, Blairstown
Teets, Adam, Blairstown
Teeter, Philip, Walnut Valley
Teeter, Jehill, Walnut Valley
Teeter, Isaac, Walnut Valley
Titman, Geo. W., carpenter, Blairstown
Titman, Alexander, Blairstown
Titman, Isaac R., Blairstown
Titman, Simeon F., painter, Blairstown
Titman, Geo., farmer and dealer in lumber, Walnut Valley
Vangorden, Henry, laborer, Blairstown
Vass, Mathias, retired, Blairstown
Vanauken, Reuben, Blairstown
Vanauken, David, laborer, Blairstown
Vanauken, Reuben H., Blairstown
Vail, C.E., secretary of John I Blair, Blairstown
Vail, John D., postmaster, Blairstown
Vanscoten, P.K., carpenter, Blairstown
Vanscoten, Chas. W., stone mason, Walnut Valley
Vanscoten, Thaddeus, Blairstown
Vanscoten, John A., mail carrier, Walnut Valley
Vanscoten, Owen D., laborer, Walnut Valley
Vankirk, Wm, Walnut Valley
Vankirk, Louis, Walnut Valley
Vankirk, James, Walnut Valley
Vankirk, John Astor, Walnut Valley
Vankirk, Burns, laborer, Walnut Valley
Warner, James, Blairstown
Walters, Andrew J., Blairstown
Wilson, John S., Blairstown
Willson, Walter, retired, Blairstown
Willson, Milton L., clothing,boots,shoes,hats, and gents furnishings goods, Blairstown
Willson, Lemuel F.L., Blairstown
Woodruff, James, laborer, Blairstown
Wintermute, Isaac, carpenter, Blairstown
West, John, Blairstown
West, Mathias, Blairstown
West, Thomas D., Mt Herman
West, Jacob E., Blairstown
Wildrick, Geo. A., blacksmith, Blairstown
Wildrick, W. Preston, creamery employee, Blairstown
Wildrick, Aaron K., assessor, Blairstown
Wildrick, Chas. C., laborer, Blairstown
Wildrick, John A., Blairstown
Wildrick, Henry, creamery employee, Blairstown
Wildrick, Ferdinand, Blairstown
Wildrick, Westfield J., Blairstown
Wildrick, Isaac, auctioneer, Blairstown
Wildrick, Warren, H., laborer, Blairstown
Wildrick, Jacob B., laborer, Blairstown
Wildrick, Kelsie, laborer, Paulina
Wildrick, Mellie, fancy goods and dressmaker, Blairstown
Yetter, Andrew, merchant and lumber dealer, Blairstown
Yetter, George, Blairstown
Youmans, William M., miller, Paulina
Yetter & Craig, dry goods, groceries, boots, shoes, etc, Blairstown


Harmony Township 1887 Directory

**All whose vocation is not mentioned are farmers**

Alshouse, Emanuel, Montana
Alshouse, Henry, Montana
Alshouse, Marcus, Harmony
Amey, Margaret, seamstress, Harmony
Amey, Catharine, seamstress, Harmony
Amey, John C., Harmony
Amey, J.H., Phillipsburg
Amey, Wm., Harmony
Amey, H.H., retired, Harmony
Allen, Elijah Sr., gristmill, Harmony
Allen, Elijah Jr., Harmony
Angle, Richard, Roxburg
Amey, James M., Harmony
Amey, David, Harmony
Alshouse, John, laborer, Harmony
Alshouse, Mary, retired, Harmony
Alshouse, Ellen, retired, Harmony
Apgar, G.H., minister, Harmony
Beers, Elisha, mason, Harmony
Burr, Andrew, laborer, Stewartsville
Burr, Alva, laborer, Stewartsville
Burd, Henry E., Montana
Beers, Maria, Montana
Burd, Adam, Montana
Butler, Nathan, Montana
Beers, David, laborer, Montana
Beers, Benjamin, Montana
Beers, Wm., Montana
Burd, John L., Montana
Beers, Luke V., Montana
Beers, Garner, Montana
Beers, Aaron, Montana
Benward, James, laborer, Harmony
Bellis, Philip, Harmony
Beers, George L., Montana
Bitner, Wm., laborer, Harmony
Beers, John C., Montana
Beers, Charles, laborer, Montana
Butler, Holloway, Roxburg
Buchman, Hiram, Harmony
Buchman, Oscar, laborer, Harmony
Carling, Elizabeth, Stewartsville
Culver, Wilson R., Montana
Cook, Joseph, Montana
Cole, Asa K., Justice of the Peace, Montana
Cole, George, laborer, Montana
Cole, Peter E., Montana
Carhart, Jacob, undertaker, Harmony
Culver, Silas, laborer, Montana
Clymer, John, Brainard
Cline, Jacob W., Harmony
Carhart, Charles, Harmony
Cline, Garne, Harmony
Crutz, Ezekiel, laborer, Harmony
Campbell, Matilda, Roxburg
Crutz, John H., laborer, Montana
Cline, John L., Roxburg
Cline, Price L, teacher, Roxburg
Cobb, R.P., minister, Harmony
Carling, T.F., Hrmony
CLine, Lewis, retired, Harmony
Cline, G.H., physician, Harmony
Cline, David, retired, Harmony
Cyphers, George, laborer, Harmony
Dida, John, Harmony
Dilts, John, laborer, Stewartsville
DeWitt, Isaac, Montana
DeWitt, J.D., physician, Harmony
DeWitt, Paul P., Montana
Dalrymple, George, Montana
Dunn, Samuel, laborer, Harmony
DeWitt, THomas, Harmony
Depue, Calvin, Phillipsburg
Depue, Abram, Harmony
Depue, James, Harmony
DeWitt, James W., Harmony
DeWitt, Geo. M., laborer, Phillipsburg
DeWitt, Jas., Phillipsburg
Dempsey, Michael, railroader, Phillipsburg
Duckworth, Angeline, laborer, Roxburg
Duckworth, James, laborer, Roxburg
Dereamer, Isaac, laborer, Montana
Davison, Eliza, Roxburg
Dalrymple, Wm., laborer, Montana
Depue, Samuel A., Harmony
Evans, James, Montana
Eberly, George, Montana
Eberly, Henry, Montana
Edinger, David, Montana
Eckert, Otto, Harmony
Eckert, Jacob Sr., laborer, Harmony
Eckert, Jacob Jr., laborer, Harmony
Engler, Christopher, Harmony
Engler, Marshall, Phillipsburg
Eckert, Garner, laborer, Harmony
Eckert, John, laborer, Harmony
Easterday, Darius, laborer, Phillipsburg
Fine, Barnet D., Roxburg
Fine, Irvin, Roxburg
Fine, Howard, Roxburg
Fine, George, carpenter, Roxburg
Fox, Joh, Harmony
Fry, Jesse, Brainards
Fitts, Mary, Montana
Fangboner, Abram, Montana
Flynn, Patrick, Montana
Fuller, Wm. C., grist mill, Harmony
Fry, John, Brainards
Fulse, Jacob, laborer, Brainards
Fritz, Wm., Harmony
Fry, Isaac, Harmony
Fulker, Peter, billiard hall, Roxburg
Gross, Edmund, laborer, Montana
Gross, Daniel, Montana
Gross, George W., laborer, Montana
Garren, Daniel, blacksmith, Harmony
Gorman, J.D., laborer, Montana
Green, Hosea, Montana
Garr's, Jacob, Harmony
Grotz, Jacob, retired, Roxburg
Gross, Wm., laborer, Roxburg
Gardner, George B., Brainards
Garris, Reuben, laborer, Brainards
Gray, Geo. W., laborer, Stewartsville
Gardner, Mathias, carpenter, Harmony
Housman, Michael, laborer, Stewartsville
Hager, George, Montana
Hixon, Wm., Montana
Holden, John, gristmill, Harmony
Hineline, M.B., carpet weaver, Harmony
Handlong, John, mail carrier, Harmony
Horner, Sarah E., retired, Montana
Hineline, Samuel V., huckster, Harmony
Hildenbrand, Jacob, laborer, Harmony
Howell, John, Harmony
Hulshizer, Milton, laborer, Roxburg
Hulshizer, David, stone mason, Roxburg
Hofacker, Peter, laborer, Roxburg
Hiles, Samuel Sr., retired, Roxburg
Hiles, Samuel Jr., Roxburg
Harper, George, laborer, Harmony
Hawk, Wm., Harmony
Hess, Bernaldo, Brainards
Hoff, Benjamin, Brainards
Hoff, Moses, stone mason, Brainards
Hoff, Henry, Brainards
Hoff, Abel H., Brainards
Hoff, Wm. P., Brainards
Hoff, Wm. S., railroader, Brainards
Hoff, Jacob, laborer, Brainards
Hess, Benjamin, Harmony
Hamlin, Frank, huckster, Harmony
Howey, Charles, laborer, Harmony
Hill, Edward, Roxburg
Jumper, Catharine, laborer, Roxburg
Jumper, Amos, laborer, Brainards
Kinney, Robert C., carpenter, Harmony
Kinney, Wesley, Harmony
Kinney, John, Harmony
Kuhns, Mary A., laborer, Harmony
Kneiper, William, Harmony
Kline, Peter S., retired, Harmony
Kline, Peter Jr., retired, Harmony
Koch, Charles C., Brainards
Kent, James P., Roxburg
Lamb, Edward, minister, Montana
Love, Anna T., retired, Harmony
Loughran, Edward, montana
Lommason, William laborer, Roxburg
Luty, Samuel, laborer, Harmony
Lightcap, Levi, Roxburg
Lighcap, Irvan, laborer, Roxburg
Lommasson, George H., laborer, Brainard
Lightcap, Peter, laborer, Harmony
McElroy, Frank, blacksmith, Harmony
Meyers, Daniel, Montana
Betz, Benjamin, Harmony
Messinger, Benjamin, Phillipsburg
Melroy, Elijah, carpenter, Roxburg
Metz, William K., Roxburg
McCracken, James, constable, Roxburg
Martenis, Ralph, Harmony
Metz, Henry, Harmony
Merritt, William, retired, Brainards
Mackey, Joseph, Harmony
Mellick, Henry, retired, Phillipsburg
Mellick, Moses D., retired, Phillipsburg
Miller, J.W., surveyor, Harmony
Miller, Amzie, Harmony
Miller, Henry Y., Harmony
Miller, James, retired, Harmony
Miller, John, retired, Harmony
Miller, John H., retired, Harmony
Miller, John M., laborer, Harmony
Miller, Irvin, Harmony
Miller, Martha, Harmony
Miller, Samuel B., laborer, Harmony
Miller, Frederic, laborer, Brainards
Mutchler, Garner H., retired, Harmony
Muchler, W. Newton, Harmony
McCracken, Levi, laborer, Roxburg
Osmun, Jonas, carpenter, Montana
Ott, Leonard, Harmony
Oberly, Anthony, retired, Brainards
Pearson, William, Montana
Piggott, John, Montana
Piggott, Edward, Harmony
Post, Robert, laborer, Roxburg
Petty, Robert, laborer, Roxburg
Probasco, Daniel, laborer, Roxburg
Probasco, Charles, shoemaker, Harmony
Price, Harvey, laborer, Roxburg
Price, Abner, laborer, Roxburg
Petty, Samuel, Roxburg
Petty, Alfred, Harmony
Read, Isaac, laborer, Brainards
Rush, Jacob F., Montana
Raub, Abram, Harmony
Rice, Noah, railroader, Brainards
Rush, Lewis S., Montana
Ramsey, William, Stewartsville
Rush, Jacob, laborer, Montana
Radle, Ludwig, Montana
Radle, Christopher, laborer, Montana
Rush, Abram F., Montana
Raesly, Daniel, blacksmith, Montana
Rush, Emanuel, Montana
Rush, Ralph, merchant, Montana
Rush, Geo. W., Montana
Rush, David B., Montana
Rush, Levi F., Montan
Ross, John, laborer, Harmony
Rush, John D., Montana
Rush, John J., Montana
Rush, John M., laborer, Montana
Ramsey, Charles, merchant, Harmony
Rush, Daniel F., Montana
Rush, Peter P., laborer, Roxburg
Rush, William C., Harmony
Rice, Silas, laborer, Phillipsburg
Ross, William, stone mason, Harmony
Reilly, William, Harmony
Rice, Anthony, laborer, Phillipsburg
Raub, Levi, Brainards
Rice, Chas., Phillipsburg
Robins, Peter, laborer, Roxburg
Rush, Peter R., carpenter, Harmony
Rasner, Simon, Roxburg
Rinehart, Samuel, Montana
Roseberry, John, Harmony
Reilly, Henry, Brainards
Rush, Amzie, Montana
Burd, Ann, Montana
Rush, James D., Montana
Rush, Alfred, carpenter, Harmony
Reilly, Warner, laborer, Brainards
Rush, Geo. W., Roxburg
Smith, James R., laborer, Harmony
Schreiber, August, laborer, Stewartsville
Simons, Robert, Stewartsville
Sapp, Charles, Montana
Simons, Henry, merchant, Harmony
Sheridan, Margaret, retired, Harmony
Stiles, Hannah, retired, Harmony
Smith, David B., laborer, Montana
Smith, Peter, stone mason, Harmony
Smith, Adam R., stone mason, Montana
Smith, Tunis, carpenter, Montana
Stabp, John, Harmony
Snyder, Philip, laborer, Harmony
Stires, Eber, laborer, Harmony
Snyder, James, Harmony
Stout, David B., carpenter, Harmony
Stout, John, Phillipsburg
Stout, Jacob, railroader, Phillipsburg
Smith, Eleanor, retired, Roxburg
Scadding, Augustus, Roxburg
Smith, Isaac, J. Montana
Shular, William, Roxburg
Steel, Vendel, Roxburg
Stires, Alexander, laborer, Roxburg
Stull, Mary, retired, Roxburg
Stull, George, merchant, Roxburg
Shultz, James, laborer, Brainards
Shimer, Jacob, retired, Brainards
Smith, Aaron B., carpenter, Harmony
Smith, Nancey, retired, Brainards
Seguine, James, painter, Montana
Teel, Henry, retired, Harmony
Thatcher, Joseph, laborer, Montana
Unangst, Catharine, retired, Stewartsville
Unangst, David, laborer, Harmony
Vannatta, Wm., retired, Harmony
Vannatta, Alexander, laborer, Roxburg
Vannatta, Samuel, Roxburg
Vannatta, Roderic, Roxburg
Vannatta, James D., Roxburg
Vannatta, Silas B., Justice of Peace, Brainards
Bannatta, George, agent, Brainards
Vannatta, John R., Harmony
Wolf, Henry, Stewartsville
Wolf, John, Stewartsville
Wolf, Lida, laborer, Stewartsville
Wilkins, H.A., laborer, Stewartsville
Woolever, Barnabas, Montana
Williamson, Jacob, laborer, Harmony
Woolever, Levi, laborer, Brainards
Warman, Lev., Montana
Warner, Benj., Montana
Werkheiser, Jerry, laborer, Phillipsburg
Williams, John, painter, Harmony
Woolever, Philip, laborer, Harmony
Woodruff, Isaac, blacksmith, Roxburg
Werkeiser, John, Brainards
Young, Isaac, Roxburg
Young, Peter, Roxburg
Young, Wm., Harmony
Yount, Peter, Harmony
Young, Semple, Harmony
Young, George, clerk, Roxburg

Pohatcong Township 1887 Directory

**All whose vocation is not mentioned are farmers**

Austin, Charles H., grinder, Reiglesville
Apgar, Levi, farmer and peach grower, Reiglesville
Brown, Huton, laborer, Warren paper mills
Burns, Henry R., laborer, Springtown
Bapp, John, laborer, Warren paper mills
Backman, Charles, clerk,bookkeeper, and postmaster, Warren paper mills
Burkett, C.S., laborer, Warren paper mills
Bidleman, Abram R., miller, Reiglesville
Buss, Daniel, boatman, Shimers
Beers, George, shoemaker, Shimers
Beers, Wm S., laborer, Shimers
Bird, Peter, laborer, Carpenterville
Bennett, Solon, laborer, Carpentersville
Boyer, Jacob O., Justice of the Peace, Carpentersville
Butler, Philip, laborer, Reiglesville
Brotzman, Philip, Reiglesville
Bell, E.J., teacher, Carpentersville
Butler, Robert, blacksmith, wagon maker and carriage builder, Reiglesville
Bloom, John D., farmer, drover and agent for farming implements, Reiglesville
Bloom, John S., proprietor Riverside House and carpenter, Reiglesville
Brotzman, Edward, teamster, Rieglesville
Clemdening, Charles, gentleman, Springtown
Casey, James, trucker, Springtown
Carpenter, Wm. S., Springtown
Carpenter, Robert S., Springtown
Carpenter, Nathan, agent for agricultural implements, Springtown
Carpenter, J.S., gentleman, Springtown
Crouse, R.T., dealer and peach grower, Springtown
Crouse, J.M., farmer, and peach grower, Reiglesville
Cocran, James, blacksmith and machinist, Warren paper mills
Cackender, Fred, fireman, Warren paper mills
Cole, John, paper maker, Warren paper mills
Crouse, Briten, laborer, Warren paper mills
Carpenter, John, agent for agricultural implements, Shimers
Couch, Samuel, miner, Carpentersville
Crouse, Thos. M., farmer and peach grower, Rieglesville
Carpenter, R.K., farmer and peach grower, Carpentersville
Carpenter, S.D., gentleman and peach grower, Carpentersville
Carpenter, James A., farmer and peach grower
Chamberlain, Wm., laborer, Warren paper mills
Casey, James Jr., laborer, Warren paper mills
Case, I.F., Warren paper mills
Carpenter, J.B., Springtown
Cline, Harry, laborer, Springtown
Clark, R.H., Rieglesville
Cope Broth., lime burners and miners, Carpentersville
Cooley, Henry, laborer, Carpentersville
Cole, Daniel, miner, Rieglesville
Cyphers, John R., general store, Finesville, Rieglesville
Cooley, Simon, laborer, Carpentersville
Cathers, James, lime burner and moulding sand, Carpentersville
Cather, William, clerk, Carpentersville
Carpenter, J.D., genreal store, postmaster, agent Belvidere Division P.R.R., Carpentersville
Case, Nathan, M.D., Rieglesville
Carpenter, Joseph, broker, lumberman, Carpentersville
Dalrymple, James T., constable, Sprucetown
Dalrymple, Levi, Springtown
Dalrymple, James G., laborer, Springtown
Dalrymple, Chris S., laborer, Springtown
Deemer, Frank, teacher, Springtown
Duncan, Thomas, colored, trader, Springtown
Draney, Robert, laborer, Warren paper mills
Davis, Lewis, fireman, Warren paper mills
Druckenmiller, Nathan, miller, Springtown
Dalton, Wm. F., boatman, Shimers
Dickson, John R., retired, Carpentersville
Donnell, Daniel, laborer, Carpentersville
Donnelly, Daniel, retired, Rieglesville
Deemer, John H., gardener, Rieglesville
Duckworth, Wm. H., Rieglesville
Deloy, Cornelius, furnaceman, Rieglesville
Edinger, Abram, trackman, Rieglesville
Easterly, Furman, laborer, Carpentersville
Edinger, Abram, lime burner, Carpentersville
Easterly, Godfry, laborer, Carpentersville
Eipper, Henry F., blacksmith, Rieglesville
Edinger, Wm., sand paver and fisherman, Reiglesville
Edinger, Jesse, sawyer and peach grower, Rieglesville
Freeman, Mart Sr., colored, laborer, Warren paper mills
Freeman, Martin Jr., laborer, Warren paper mills
Forgus, Samuel, laborer, Warren paper mills
Fretts, Jacob A., Warren paper mills
Frace, David, Shimers
Force, Wm A., painter and paper hanger, Springtown
Fair, John V., Carpentersville
Fry, Wm. H., Carpentersville
Freeman, Isaac, colored, laborer, Warren paper mills
Farrell, Wm. T., colored, laborer, Rieglesville
Fretz, Samuel, laborer, Rieglesville
Flenard, Edward, machinist, Rieglesville
Fine, Millard, butcher, Rieglesville
Fritz, Henry, gentleman, Rieglesville
Fair, Wm., laborer, Carpentersville
Frankenfield, Jacob, teamster, Rieglesville
Fine, Spencer, butcher, Rieglesville
Gano, Sansberry, Springtown
Goodyear, Francis, Springtown
Garner, Casper, miller, Springtown
Godwin, Geo., general store, Warren paper mills
Gilbert, Robert C., paper maker, Warren paper mills
Grube, Louis, Warren paper mills
Grube, Samuel, Shimers
Grube, Quintus S., laborer, Shimers
Gano, Samuel, laborer, Carpentersville
Griffin, Charles, book keeper, Rieglesville
Hawk, Henry, laborer, Springtown
Hawk, Isaac, laborer, Springtown
Hawk, Samuel, Springtown
Hawk, Isaac H., laborer, Springtown
Hawk, R.M., laborer, Springtown
Harrison, Alferdy, laborer, Springtown
Hamlin, John T., Springtown
Hamlin, J.C., Springtown
HoneyBoam, Wm., laborer, Springtown
Hawk, H.B., Carpentersville
Hawk, John W., laborer, Carpentersville
Hawk, Joseph, RR agent and mail carrier, Warren paper mills
Hawk, Hiram, railroader, Springtown
Harrison, Wm H., laborer, Warren paper mills
Hughes, Wm J., trucker, Warren paper mills
Huff, J.D., laborer, Warren Paper mills
Harrison, David, carpenter, Warren paper mills
Hagerty, Wm., laborer, Warren paper mills
Harrison, Daniel, blacksmith, Warren paper mills
Hughes, Sam, Warren paper mills
Hawk, Wm N., drover, Shimers
Hulshyer, J.S., Shimers
Herber, Phaon, laborer, Springtown
Hughes, H.G., gentleman, Warren paper mills
Hager, Peter, Carpentersville
Hawk, R.L., milkman, Shimers
Heller, John, gentleman, Shimers
Hawk, Warren, Shimers
Hawk, Marshal, music teacher and dealer in instruments, Shimers
Hoadly, David S., shoemaker, Shimers
Hummer, Johnson, Shimers
Hamlen, Edward, Shimers
Hoadley, Samuel, laborer, Carpentersville
Hulshryer, Frank, teamster, Rieglesville
Henesy, John, gentleman, Carpentersville
Howel, Jacob, boatman, Carpentersville
Heater, William H., laborer, Carpentersville
Heater, John, laborer, Carpentersville
Hughes, John, Carpentersville
Hulshryer, Richard, coal merchant, Rieglesville
Holmen, Joel, trip hammer forger, Rieglesville
Hawk, Henry, gentleman cigars and tobacco, Carpentersville
Hunt, Luther, laborer, Rieglesville
Hunt, John, peach grower, Rieglesville
Hawk, R.S., laborer, Springtown
Hunt, J.S., town treasurer, Rieglesville
Jones, Richard, Shimers
Jones, Burge, trip hammer forger, Rieglesville
Jacoby, I.M., merchant miller and grain dealer, Rieglesville
Kinney, Wm. P., Springtown
Keller, Jesse, retired, Springtown
Kocker, Samuel, teamster, Warren paper mills
Kressler, Moses, millwright and machinist, Rieglesville
Kelley, R.S., gentleman, Rieglesville
Kelley, J.R., Rieglesville
Kressler, Warren, laborer, Rieglesville
Kinney, Theodore, Shimers
Kelto, Patrick, watchman, Rieglesville
Kutper, Charles, painter and paper hanger, Rieglesville
Knecht, Joseph, miller and merchant, Carpentersville
Kelty, Conrad, gentleman, Rieglesville
Kressler, James, millwright and machinist, Rieglesville
Kelty, Wm., watchman, Rieglesville
Loudenburg, John, carpenter and cooper, Springtown
Loudenburg, Amos, laborer, Springtown
Lyons, Manning, laborer, Springtown
Lanback, Wm., laborer, Springtown
Loose, Philip, laborer, Warren paper mills
Loose, Jacob, laborer, Carpentersville
Loose, Wm., peach grower, Carpentersville
Lauback, Levi, peach grower, Carpentersville
Loose, George W., Warren paper mills
Londenberg, John railroader, Shimers
Lippincott, Wm H., sawyer, Carpentersville
Layton, C.M., shoemaker, Rieglesville
Lauback, J.F., teamster, Rieglesville
Lauback, I.S., lime burner and mason, Rieglesville
Mutchler, J.G., shoemaker, Sprintown
Myers, Sylvester, boatman, Shimers
Mousley, Louis H., paper maker, Warren paper mills
Mires, Peter, broom maker and farmer, Springtown
Moyers, Charles J., railroader, Shimers
Moyers, John S., railroader, Shimers
Mire, Casper, laborer, Shimers
Mires, Chas. P., railroader, Shimers
Melick, John, Shimers
Mullen, A.W., laborer, Shimers
McClain, Barney, laborer, Shimers
Mickel, Thomas, laborer, Carpentersville
Merritt, Winfield, laborer, Reiglesville
Moses, Eli, laborer, Carpentersville
Mickel, Samuel H., laborer, Carpentersville
Mechner, William, laborer, Carpentersville
Mullen, James, grinder, Rieglesville
Metler, Wm. S., laborer, Reiglesville
Millick, Alvin, Springtown
Miller, Frank B., laborer, Springtown
Meleck, John W., hotel and saloon keeper, Rieglesville
Neilly, John, stone mason, Springtown
Northelfer, Edward, carriage and blacksmith, Shimers
O'Brine, Thomas, watchman, Carpentersville
Parker, Jeremiah, carpenter, Springtown
Painter, Jacob, miller, Springtown
Perry, C.C., carpenter, Warren paper mills
Pinkerton, Cyrus, laborer, Warren paper mills
Painter, A., farmer and freeholder, Shimers
Painter, H.S., laborer, Shimers
Piatt, Henry, lock tender, Shimers
Pursell, Wm. H., laborer, Shimers
Pritchard, Rev. T.C., Lutheran, Shimers
Pursell, H.W., milkman and farmer, Shimers
Piatt, Thomas, laborer, Shimers
Pursell, Leford H., gentleman, Shimers
Piatt, J.H., laborer, Shimers
Piatt, Aaron, laborer, Shimers
Piatt, Jos., laborer, Shimers
Piatt, Philip, grocery and stone mason, Shimers
Pursell, Andrew, stone dealer, Shimers
Pursell, Wm. S., milkman, Shimers
Pursell, Spencer C., gentleman, Shimers
Pursell, Howard, Shimers
Pursell, Brice, laborer, Carpentersville
Precour, J.G., laborer, Reiglesville
Pursell, James, Carpentersville
Pursell, Joseph C., laborer, Carpentersville
Person, Frank, bartender, Reiglesville
Quick, Wm. H., trucker, Springtown
Riddle, Samuel, laborer, Warren paper mills
Rinkert, Geo., laborer, Springtown
Rinkert, Gothial, laborer, Springtown
Rosenbery, Geo., sexton Lutheran Church, Shimers
Roberts, H.J., Superintendent, Warren paper mills
Riegle, Edward, laborer, Carpentersville
Rapp, Andrew, mining, Carpentersville
Rugg, C.H., lime burner, Springtown
Roseberry, James M., mason, Reiglesville
Roseberry, Wm., grinder, Reiglesville
Roseberry, Thomas, laborer, Reiglesville
Reese, Philip, Carpentersville
Reese, John, gentleman, Carpentersville
Raymon, H.C., painter, Reiglesville
Robin, Cornelius, Springtown
Riegel, John L. & Son, coal, Springtown
Reigel, Benjamin, store keeper, Reiglesville
Seagraves, Charles, Warren paper mills
Stecker, Jacob, Warren paper mills
Swackhammer, store and ticket agent P.R.R., Springtown
Stocker, Wm. M., laborer, Warren paper mills
Stamates, Aaron, laborer, Springtown
Stamates, Edward, laborer, Springtown
Smith, Charles, railroader, Springtown
Stocker, Matison, clerk, Springtown
Spangenburg, Joseph R., Springtown
Stocker, Sanford, general store and postmaster, Springtown
Stocker, Josiah, watchman, Springtown
Striker, Paul Pl, Springtown
Stocker, Edmund L, Springtown
Stocker, Sylvester, Springtown
Stocker, Abram, general blacksmith, wagons, etc., Springtown
Stocker, Ervin, blacksmith, Springtown
Stocker, Wm., railroader, Springtown
Stocker, Charles, railroader, Springtown
Stamates, James G., miner, Carpentersville
Sidders, Wm., teamster, Reiglesville
Stamates, Robert, Springtown
Swink, Otto, laborer, Warren paper mills
Smith, Wm. G., Springtown
Stamates, Samuel, laborer, Warren paper mills
Seigle, Jacob, miller, Reiglesville
Siegle, Benj., carpenter and cradle maker, Reiglesville
Seigle, Thomas, Reiglesville
Seigle, A.C., carpenter, Reiglesville
Seigle, J.R., Reiglesville
Seigle, Charles, laborer, Reiglesville
Schooley, A., boss, Shimer's
Stiner, Levi, laborer, Shimers
Stiner, Reading, Shimers
Schooley, Nicholas, boatman, Shimers
Small, John, gentleman, SHimers
Sherrer, Charles, Springtown
Sherren, W.W., Springtown
Stocker, Peter, huckster, Springtown
Stocker, Harry, railroader, Springtown
Smith, Geo. F., laborer, Shimers
SHoup, Samuel, tinsmith, Shimers
Snydr, Charles M., laborer, Shimers
Snydre, Wm., railroad carpenter, Shimers
Smith, Wm H., mason, Reiglesville
Siegel, W.R., carpenter, Reiglesville
Sailer, Alonzo, Carpentersville
Sheninger, John, gentleman, Carpentersville
Sampson, Geo., boss miner, Carpentersville
Seigle, Judar, laborer, Reiglesville
Seagraves, James, trucker, Springtown
Searfass, Wm. S., carpenter, Reiglesville
Schug, Edwin F., teacher, Springtown
Searfass, Wm. H., clerk, Reiglesville
Sinclair, Elmer, laborer, Reiglesville
Seyler, Henry, carpenter, Reiglesville
Seyler, Jacob E., wagon maker, Reiglesville
Sailer, Jacob, carpenter, Rieglesville
Slater, John, laborer, Reiglesville
Sullivan, Timothy, boss, Carpentersville
Sullivan, Daniel, railroader, Carpentersville
Sullivan, Dennis, railroader, Carpentersville
Stone, H.R., Carpentersville
Smith, Peter, laborer, Carpentersville
Smith, Laurence M., miner, Carpentersville
Sinclair, Henry, watchman, Reiglesville
Searfoss, Jacob C., laborer, Reiglesville
Stiles, Francis, knife manufacturer, Reiglesville
Snyder, J.F>, blacksmith, Reiglesville
Snyder, Geo. W., carriages and sleighs, Reiglesville
Seigle, Abram, commissioner of deeds, Reiglesville
Shimer, Wm. S., railroader, Shimers
Shimer, Thomas, teacher, Shimers
Souder, Sanford W., cler, Rieglesville
Shimes, Wm B., gentleman, Shimers
Smith, John M., gentleman, Reiglesville
Schultz, Henry, miller, Reiglesville
Super, Henry, gentleman, Reiglesville
Super, James, furnaceman, Reiglesville
Shimer, Robert A., store, Reiglesville
Transue, Milton, laborer, Warren paper mills
Tomer, Newton, teacher, Reiglesville
Tomer, Wm. C., miner, Carpentersville
Terney, John, railroader, Shimers
Todd, Roland, carpenter, Carpentersville
Tomer, Margaret, seamstress and tailor, Rieglesville
Taylor, F.S., manufacturer of knives, Reiglesville
Tormer, Wm. S., gentleman, Reiglesville
Ulmer, David, shoemaker, Springtown
Vought, William, laborer, Springtown
Vannatta, A.H., teacher, Carpentersville
Vanderbilt, Furman, peach grower, Reiglesville
Welch, John S., laborer, Warren paper mills
Welch, Peter, T., Warren paper mills
Warman, Isaac, Springtown
Warman, John, gentleman, Springtown
Weydemyer, Jonas, milk dealer, Springtown
Wallace, T.L., laborer, Shimers
Wallace, Christain, Shimers
Wieder, Sam'l S., laborer, Shimers
Wallace, Howard, laborer, Shimers
Welch, George S., railroader, Warren paper mills
Wiegle, Charles E., finisher, Warren paper mills
Winter, Spencer, laborer, Warren paper mills
Wolverton, V.R., gentleman, Warren paper mills
Weiant, Samuel, laborer, Shimers
Weller, Robert, Springtown
Wieder, Jacob S., Reiglesville
Watson, Harry, paper maker, Warren paper mills
Weller, Joseph C., Shimers
Weller, Calvin, trucker, Springtown
Willever, Henry, boatman, Shimers
Winter, Peter, railroader, Springtown
Wyatt, Richard, gardener, Reiglesville
Wernert, Charles A., laborer, Carpentersville
Warner, Samuel, groceries, Reiglesville
Walkner, James G., miller, Reiglesville
Wolfinger, S.M., clerk, Reiglesville
Wardell, Henry, paper maker, Reiglesville
Office Warren Manufacturing Company, Reiglesville
Wieder, Solomon W., postmaster, Reiglesville
Wieder, John S., Reiglesville
Young, Joseph, mason, Springtown
Younkins, Jonas, wheelwright, Springtown
Younkins, James, railroader, Springtown
Young, Alfred H., trucker, Springtown
Young, Abram, trucker, Reiglesville
Young, Geo. H., plasterer, Reiglesville
Zigenfoose, Henry, miner, Carpentersville
Zigle, Asher, laborer, Carpentersville
Zigler, John, laborer, Carpentersville
Zearfoos, Levi, gentleman, Carpentersville
Zeller, Peter, carpenter, Reiglesville
Zeller, Samuel, Reiglesville
Zeller, Jacob, laborer, Reiglesville
Zeller, James, gentleman, Springtown
Zeller, Henry, Springtown
Zeller, Wendle, Springtown

Belvidere 1887 Directory

Armstrong, George, laborer, Market
Angle, John H, fish market, Water
Ackerman, Abram, carriage shop, Water
Alliger, Saml R, painter, Depue
Allen, Jos E, railroader, Depue
Armstong, Mrs Lizzie, householder, Fourth
Angle, Geo. A, lawyer, office First
Allen, Aaron H, agent, Water
Aiken, James, laborer, Water
Barret, Nathaniel, carpenter, Fourth
Barren, John, hostler, Mansfield
Barron, Howard, hostler, Mansfield
Barron, Oscar, hostler, Mansfield
Beesley, C.H., lawyer, Third
Beesley, E.M., dentist, First
Bowers, George B, miller, Mansfield
Brokaw, Wm R, assessor, Mansfield
Brophy, John, laborer, Paul
Blackwell, James, laborer, Depue
Bruen, J. Dehart, Presbyterian pastor, Mansfield
Boyer, George, genleman, Hardwick
Blair, D.C., capitalist, Hardwick and Second
Britton, Nathaniel, laborer, Mill
Bair, Henry B, Delaware ave
Bair, James Sen., carpenter, Delaware ave
Bair, James B Jr, blacksmith, Delaware
Bair & Reher, store etc, cor Water and Market
Barlow, A.M., weaver, Market
Butler, John C, Water
Brands, James H, carriage maker, Water
Bebler, Peter, expressman, Paul
Burd & Hoagland, grocery, Market
Burd, Elisha, merchant
Brackley, P.F., physician, Third
Best, Michael, carpenter, First
Bittenbender, James, marble yard, First
Bittenbender, Emannel, Depue
Brink, Morris, restaurant, Mansfield
Bittenbender, Ira E, stone cutter, First
Burdett, Jacob, fireman, Water
Bellis, Jacob, tinsmith, Depue
Bellis, Peter, laborer, Spring
Bellis, Samuel, railroader, Fourth
Bellis, Adam, editor Warren Journal, Front
Brittin, Jas A., telegraph repairer, Greenwich
Barry, Wm.Sr., laborer, Fourth
Bee Manufacturing Co, pail factory, Front
Belford, Mrs James, Hardwick
Belford, James, genleman, Hardwick
Belford, Edward, gentleman, Third
Barry, Wm Jr., laborer, Fourth
Baker, Chas., laborer, Depue
Brookfield, John B, deputy bank cashier, Front
Barrett, John E, railroader, Hardwick
Bradley, I.M., gentleman, First
Case, Howard, laborer, Second
Cramer, Wm J, cabinet maker, Water
Cramer, Amos, speculator, Market
Cramer, Benjamin, hostler etc, Second
Cruts, Marshal, laborer, Water
Cruts, Jacob, laborer
Courtright, John, fireman, Depue
Craig, John, gentleman, Warren House
Coleman, John, carpenter, Water
Cole, John C, sexton at 1st Pres. church, Second
Cole, Henry, clerk, Second
Cole, Allie, school teacher, Second
Cowell, Gideon, carpenter, Mansfield
Clymer, John, sawyer, Mansfield
Cyphers, George L, shoemaker, Water
Collins, Edward, laborer, Oxford
Crane, Jenny, school teacher, Third
Cooper, Mrs B.B., householder, Third
Carter, Jacob, gentleman, Water
Clark, Mrs Jane, householder, Second
Case, Mahlon, miller, Mill
Cornell, A.D., miller, Fourth
Calahan, Timothy, railroader, Mansfield
Carhart, Theodore, speculator, Mansfield
Clark, Benjamin, teacher,etc., Seminary
Dereamer, John, laborer, Paul
Donohue, John, blacksmith, Water
Donohue, Joseph, Belvidere House
Decker, Isaac, gentleman, Paul
Decker, John L., miller, Mill
Dildine, Wm M, tailor, Water
Davis, D, carpenter, Market
Daily, Peter, carpenter, Market
DeWitt, Moses A, dealer in peaches, First
Dickey, John P, railroad boss, First
Dickey, John P Jr, First
Diltz, Joseph B, undertaker & etc, Water
Deisel, John & Son, tailors and clothing, First
Deisel, Harry, tailor, First
Deisel, John, tailor, Adams
Davis, George, railroad watchman, Fourth
Davis & Hartung, proprietors of the American House
Davis, George, hotel keeper, Mansfield
Dalke, John, lawyer, Mansfield
Depue, James & son, fertilizing factory, near Depue
Depue, James A, residence, Third
Deshong, John V, carriage factory, Water
Deshong, William, proprietor rink, etc, Water
Dagget, A.S., speculator, First
Dowd, M.E., carpenter, First
Dickey, E.P., printer, First
Davis, Charles, pail factory, Oxford
Drake, Richard, ins. agent, Mansfield
Douglas, Rev. Charles, pastor episcopal church, Second
Discol, John, railroad laborer
Evans, James P, carpenter, Paul
Everett, Zenith, truckster, S Water
Eylenberger, Alfred, laborer
Eylenberger, Hiram, blacksmith, Maiden Lane
Everett, Wilson, expressman, Water
Emery, Reeder F., carpenter, Fourth
Emery, Albert, tinsmith, Second
Emery, James, laborer
Frome, Wm E, carpenter, Water
Fox, Valentine, mason, Paul
Fox, William, laborer, Paul
Fairclo, Paul F, speculator, Water
Fritts, John F, painter, Water
Fromer, Mrs Jacob, jeweler, Water
Folkner, Cummins H, grocer, Water
Freeman Brothers, clothiers, cor Water and Market
Freeman, Sam, tobacco store, Watr
Freeman, Nathan, clerk, Water
Faust Brothers, drug store, Water
Faust, M.S., drug store, Water
Faust, H.W., drug store, Water
Forman, William, huckster, Water
Fisher, William, soldier, Mansfield
Fisher, Joseph, hotel keeper, First
Fisher, John
Fisher, Daniel, Hardwick
Fleming, Elisha, deputy p.m., Mansfield
Foster, Michael, laborer, Mansfield
Forge, Quinn, blacksmith, Water
Flumerfelt, P.C.B., wheelwright, Hardwick
Gardner, David, saloon, Mansfield
Gardner, Mathias, mason, Third
Gardner, John, ex sheriff, Third
Gardner, George I, lumber dealer, S Water
Glentille, Freemont, laborer
Gross, John G, bakery, First
Guis, Sam, laborer, Hardwick
Guis, Lewis, laborer, Hardwick
Givins, George Jr, pinter, Water
Givins, George, hotel prop, cor Hardwick and Front
Gibbs, Silas, Water
Garry, Philip, clerk at Pequest House, Water
Hutchinson, Zack, bridge tender, Water
Hutchinson, Edward, con. and detective, Water
Hollander, Wm, laborer, Water
Hollander, Joseph, laborer, Greenwich
Hollander, John, laborer, Water
Hays, A.J., policeman, Water
Hunt, Oliver, painter, Water
Hays, B.D., wheel maker, Water
Hays, Wm., laborer, Water
Hamburg, August, tailer, First
Hansler, J.S., shoemaker, Depue
Hyman, John, carpenter, First
Heem, Joseph, laborer, Hardwick
Hoff, Mrs. Louisa, Mansfield
Helderbrant, Dan, grocer, First
Hanes, George, laborer, Spring
Huntsberger, Mrs., dressmaker, Third
Harris, Mag E, retired, Water
Harris, Israel, bank cashier, First
Harris, Henry S, lawyer, Water
Harris, Chas., lawyer, First
Haughawort, Isaac, farmer, Race
Hanghawort, Philip, speculator, Second
Hazlet, Joseph, work in wheel factory, Front
Hoagland, Geo., in county clerks office, Mill
Hoagland, Chas., merchant, Water
Hoagland, Wm, retired, Water
Hoagland & Randolph, carpenters, Water
Hilton, Thomas, clrk, First
Hoagan, James, laborer, Mansfield
Howard, Mathew, farmer, Market
Holstein, George, speculator, Market
Holstein, L.H., speculator
Holstein, Mrs Anna, retired
Harris, Nicholas, lawyer, First
Hopler, Theodore, county clerk, Second
Hefner, Dan, telegrapher, Mansfield
Heed, Henry, carpenter, Depue
Hopler, Marens, clerk, Second
Hendrickson, Samuel, printer, Water
Harris, Amelia, householder, Water
Innis, George, general store, Water
Johnson, Mrs Margaret, householder, Hardwick
Johnson, Carrie, householder, Hardwick
Jecohe, Francis, carpenter, Wall
Jones, John, laborer, Water
Jennings, Joseph H, laborer, Water
Jennings, Wm H, cooper, Depue
Jones, Henry, barber, Mill
Jackson James & Co, dry goods millinery etc, First
Jackson, James A, merchant, First
Johnson, Levi, farmer, Hardwick
Joiner, Frank, fireman, Greenwich
Keighen, Cornelius, laborer, Paul
Kist, John G, harness and saddler, Water
King, Halsey, farmer, Water
Kethlege, Peter, photographer, Mill
Kizzelbaugh, Aaron, oysters,fish,fruit,etc, Greenwich
Knice, Peter, wood chopper, Greenwich
Kohlman, Edward, farmer, Spring
Kohlman, Edward Jr, miller, Spring
Kinney, Asa, farmer,etc, Spring
Kitchen, S.B., millwright, Oxford
Karr, Jacob, carpenter, Water
Kleerchanie, Dan, retired, Third
Kline, John J, retired, Hardwick
Knights of Pythias, office over Wade's store, Water
Kimenour, Andrew, lumber dealer, Depue
Kimenour, Joseph, Depue
Kimenour, John, painter,etc, Paul
Ketcham, Josiah, editor of Apolla, First
Keener, Ira B, miller, Mill
Kennedy, Robert, farmer
Kelsey, A.B, postmaster, Mansfield
King, John H, architect and builder, Mansfield
King, George H, druggist, cor Front and Mansfield
Kern, Mrs.J.T., householder, Mansfield
Looman, Andrew, laborer, Paul
Looman, John Jr, laborer, Paul
Lime, Augustus, team driver, Water
Lee, John, Market
Lomason, Thomas, gardener, Depue
Lomason, George, Depue
Lauterman, George, laborer, Water
Lauterman, George Jr, team driver, Water
Litzenberger, Benj., blacksmith, Water
Litzenberger, A.G., barber, First
Lee, Henry D, blacksmith, Water
Linn, Levi, laborer, Water
Lake, Charles, cabinet ware-room, Water
Large, Augustus, inspt. of cars, Greenwich
Lomerson, Elizabeth, householder, Greenwich
Lott, Charles A, lawyer, Hardwick
Lippincott, Charles, railroader, Depue
Lockard, Sam, boarding house, Greenwich
Lockard, Jerry, tailor, First
Lockard, George, tobacco store, Mill
Laire Wm R, railroad ticket agt, American House
Laubach, Augustus, constable, First
Land, Charles, shoemaker, Paul
Lefferts, Frank, physician, Mansfield
Lomping, Wm, bartender, American House
Laurence, Mrs C., householder, Greenwich
Lerch, Chris., laborer, Market
McQuinn, Michael, laborer, Water
Mucklin, Andrew, laborer, Water
Mucklin, Henry, laborer, Water
McLane, James, laborer, Water
McIntise, Thomas, laborer, Adam
McGinnis, Williams, laborer, Water
Metler, Peter, laborer, Water
Metler, Lewis, laborer, Water
Mace, James, blacksmith, Second
Montgomery, Edward, railroad fireman, Hardwick
McCammon, Aaron, hardware dealer, Water
McCammon & Perry, hardware, Water
Metler, Amanda, dressmaker, First
Miller, Caroline, tailorist, First
Myers, Mary, teacher, Hardwick
Meadagh, Wm, laborer, Depue
Mann, Mahlon, M, carpenter, First
Mann, Joel, carpenter, Fourth
Mezses, Jane, householder, Water
Mezses, Sam, clerk, Water
McIllrany, Wm, truck, etc, Hardwick
Mezses, Jacob, wheel factory, Hardwick
Melela, Augustus, gardener, Oxford
Martenis, Morris, farmer
McCord, D, Greenwich
Mildrick, Morris, laborer, Race
Mildrick, John, laborer, Race
Morgan, Sabre, Race
Miller, Wm, farmer, Oxford
Maberry & Silton, crockery and lamp store, First
Melick, Sharp, stationary store, Second
Miller, Frank, jeweler, Greenwich
Miller, Abram, clerk at Warren House
Menshauzen, Wm K, miller
Mackey, Miss Mary, householder, Water
Mertz, Mrs Roza, householder, Water
Moser, Josiah, railroader, Depue
Mackey, Wm M, Paul
McMurtrie & Co, lumberman, First
Miller, Philip, householder, Greenwich
Morrow, Wm H, ex-judge and lawyer, Greenwich
McMurtrie, George, retired, Hardwick
McGee, William, physician, Mansfield
Melroy, Hiram, team driver, Depue
Mertz, James, painter, etc, Water
McCalister, John, soldier
Naylor, Chas., Market
Norton, Thos., carpenter, Third
Norton, Mrs Caherine, householder, Oxford
Nicholas, Anna, school teacher
Norton, Marshal, blacksmith, Water
O'Neill, Michael, laborer, Race
O'Neill, William, Surrogate of Warren county, Third
Ott, Sern, freeholder, Water
Ott, William, clerk, Water
O'Brine, John, railroader, Greenwich
Quick, Irvin, deputy county clerk, Water
Person, Jeremiah, drover, Water
Person, Fannie, school teacher, Water
Payne, Thos C., railroader, Paul
Person, Miss Kate, school teacher, Water
Perry, Daniel S, Water
Parson, Solomon, Pastor of M.E. Church
Paul, J.M. Jr, physician, Front
Paul, T.S., Water
Prall, George, general store, Water
Paul, Sedgwick, Water
Prall & Witte, general Store, Water
Rush, John, laborer, Market
Rittenhouse, Miss Tillie, teacher, Watr
Robison, John H, painter, Paul
Reemer, Robert, speculator, Oxford
Reemer, Frank, laborer, Oxford
Reemer, P.H., tobacconist, Marker
Reemer, Jonathan, segar store, Market
Randolph, A.B., Market
Randolph, Irwin, groceryman, First
Rynolds, Stephen, agent, Market
Raseley, Reubin, wheelwright, Water
Raseley, Mathias, shoemaker, Race
Raub, S.J., general store, First
Reese, Sam, carriage maker, Paul
Reher, Levi, Market
Roseberry, Joseph Sr., Greenwich
Roseberry, Joseph Jr., lawyer, Mansfield
Ribble, Miss Suzie, milliner store, Mill
Ribble, Mrs. Elizabeth, First
Richard, H.R., butcher, Mill
Ribble, Philip, retired
Rusling, John retired, Fourth
Rosencrans, S.B., clerk
Ramsey, H.K., hotel keeper, Pequest House
Robeson, A.B., householder, Water
Shields, John, carpenter, Water
Slack, Julia, householder, Paul
Slack, Chas., laborer, Paul
Seeple, Henry, mason, Water
Smozer, R.B., shoemaker, Market
Stephens, Mary A, householder, Mill
Scadden, Thos., farmer, Market
Swartz, Frederick, butcher, Market
Swartz, Mrs Mary, householder, Greenwich
Snyder, Wm A, watchman, Market
Snyder, James, undertaker, Water
Snyder, Mary A, householder, Water
Snyder, George, sawyer, Depue
Snyder, Perry, tailor, Depue
Snyder, Zander, printer, Depue
Shannon, Mark T, carpenter, Oxford
Stocker, Geo., laborer, Mansfield
Silvers, John, railroader, Depue
Scoch, Lorenzo, mason, Market
Scoch, Henry, painter, Market
Snyder, Zachariah, musician, Depue
Snyder, Palmer A, farmer, Mill
Smith, John, painter, Water
Smith, Jas. C, painter, Water
Smith, Joseph, painter, Water
Smith, Thos L., farmer, Water
Smith, Geo. W, retired, Water
Smith, Daniel C, laborer, S Water
Smith, Wm T., lawyer, S Water
Smith, Geo W., well digger, Market
Smith, Benton T, laborer, Mill
Smith, Marshal R, lawyer, Mansfield
Smith, Vincent, retired, Greenwich
Smith, Chas., telegraph operator, Greenwich
Slem, Jefferson, peddler, First
Smith, George, laborer, Paul
Sutton, Wm, laborer, Hardwick
Sutton, H, laborer, Hardwick
Swartzweller, H.C., ex-surrogate, Oxford
Swartzweller, John, truckman, Oxford
Snover, Joseph, laborer, Third
Snover, Eugene, printer, Third
Sharp, Caroline, householder, Third
Sharp, George, clerk, THird
Simerson, asst editor of the Journal, Second
Simerson, A, printer, Hardwick
Simerson, Martin, printer, Hardwick
Somers, Frank, butcher, Mill
Sampsell, Alexander, barber, Mill
Snyder, Jas.S., laborr, First
Shipman, J.G., lawyer, Third
Shipman & Son, lawyer, Third
Stone, Jacob, railroader, Depue
Searles, A.B., miller, Water
Searles, Hugh, carpenter, Water
Searles, George, carpenter, Third
Searles, John C., laborer, Wall
Searles, Joseph, miller, Wall
Searles, Horace, telegraph operator, Water
Searles, Jas., carpenter, Depue
Searles, Frederick, retired, Third
Searles, Wm H., carpenter, Water
Shull, A.B., carpenter, Prospect
Shull, Peter, carpenter, Prospect
Shaffer, R.B., book keeper, Third
Shaffer, Geo., hotel keeper, Market
Shaffer, Zebrilon, vandue crierer, etc., S Water
Serbert, Chas., tannery, Water
Serbert, Chas. Jr, butcher, Water
Serbert, Edward, butcher, Water
Serbert & Bro., tobacconist
Stock, Christian, laborer
Shetter, Eugene F, team driver, Depue
Sampsell, Hattie, school teacher, Mill
Simmers, Lizzie, dress maker, Market
Singer, Mrs., dress maker, Market
Shultz, Josiah, carpenter, Depue
Suydam, Geo., trimmer, First
Strouse, Reubin, janitor, Prospect
Stephen, James E, fireman, Depue
Stilwell, Margaret, householder, Water
Solmon, Wm P., lawyer
Shurtz, Jacob F, retired, Water
Silverthorn, Wm, speculator, Water
Tunis, Sarah, gardner, Paul
Teters, Nelson, constable, Water
Tresler, Jacob, shoe store, Water
Tinsman, Wm H, First
Taylor, Mrs Nancy, householder, Third
Taylor, Dewitt, lawyer, Third
Taylor, Theodore, carpenter, Third
Uhler & Lake, cabinet makers, Market
Uhler, Thomas, Hall
Valentine, Caleb, machinist, Oxford
Valentine, Jas., laborer, First
Vannatta, Sam, Third
Vannatta, Elisha, Third
Vandixon, Edward, wagon factory, Oxford
Vancampen, Geo., sheriff
Vancampen, Walter, deputy sheriff
Wilson, Philip, trimmer, Market
Wilson, Joseph, lawyer, Paul
Wilson, Richard, speculator, Paul
Wilson, Jesse S, bookkeeper, Paul
Wilson, Chas., clerk, Paul
Wilson, M.S., railroader, First
Williams, Geo., laborer, Market
Williams, Edward, laborer, Market
Williams, Theodore, laborer, Water
Williams, Jerry, teamster, Adams
Wilcox, Isaac, teamster, etc, Oxford
Weidner, Geo. T, shoe store, Water
Weidner, WIlson, laborer, Mansfield
Weidner, Fred S, hardware store, Water
Weir, Elbridge, musician, Mansfield
Weaver, Geo H., coal dealer, Depue
Weaver, Geo. H. & Co., hay,straw,etc., First
White, Wm S., dentist, Third
White, Mrs Mary G, householder, Greenwich
White, Wm S., farmer
White, Mrs. Roze, householder, Second
Witte, Wm C., miller, Greenwich
Witte, Sam, merchant, Greenwich
Wildrick, Jason, general store, Market
Woodruff, Elisha, blacksmith, Mansfield
Wyckoff, Mrs L.C., householder, Mansfield
Wyckoff, John W, retired, Third
Woolever, Jacob, harness maker, Mansfield
Woolever, Geo., laborer, Hardwick
Wade, Simon, First
Wagner, Geo., agent, First
Wintermute, Wm, printer, Greenwich
Wintermute, O.B., cabinet maker, Mill
Warner, Alonzo, wheel factory, First
Walton, Joseph, tailor, Mill
Weaver, E.G., hotel keeper, First
Willever, E., harness maker, Mansfield
Young, Able, farmer, Market
Young, Anna E., householder, Wall
Young, Mrs. Ellen, householder, First
Young, Peter, railroader, Manfield
Young, Talmage, railroader, Third
Young, John, railroader, Wall
Yetter, Peter S, Depue
Yard, Edward, pail factory, First
Zink, Geo., engineer, res near Stand Pipe
Zink, John, fireman, Depue
Zanita, Lewis, candy store, etc, Water



**All whose vocation is not mentioned are farmers**

Burk, Wm., Calno
Bunnel, Isaac, Calno
Beford, Samuel, Dunnfield
Barnes, W.E., Dunnfield
Cortright, Oliver, Calno
Depue, M.M., Calno
Depue, Daniel, Calno
Dimmock, M.H., Calno
Dimmock, Chauncy, Calno
Dingman, Daniel, miller, Millbrook
Dingman, Henry, saloon, Millbrook
Duryee, Samuel, laborer, Millbrook
Davey, G.H., Dunnfield
Deats, M.R., agent, Dunfield
Fleet, Joseph, laborer, Dunnfield
Fuller, Bartley, miller, Millbrook
Fuller, Fletcher, Calno
Freer, Louis, laborer, Dunnfield
Garris, P.J.S., freeholder, Millbrook
Garris, E.L., collector, Millbrook
Garris, Garnet, Millbrook
Garris, John, Millbrook
Garris, Elmer, laborer, Millbrook
Garris, Isaiah, laborer, Millbrook
Garris, A.A., Millbrook
Gardner, Joseph, engineer, Dunnfield
Garris, Hamilton, carpenter, Millbrook
Garris, George, laborer, Millbrook
Hunterdon, Daniel, merchant, Millbrook
Henry, George, Calno
Hall, George, Calno
Howell, John, laborer, Millbrook
Hill, Jason, Millbrook
Hall, Frank, laborer, Dunnfield
Huff, Frank, Millbrook
Hism, J.K., laborer, Millbrook
Hunt, Peter, laborer, Dunnfield
Kitchen, Simon, slate factory, Dunnfield
Kitchen, John, slate factory, Dunnfield
Kitchen, Jacob, slate factory, Dunnfield
Kimball, Calvin, blacksmith, Millbrook
Kimball, James, laborer, Millbrook
Labar, Charles, Millbrook
Loun, Stephen, Dunnfield
Michell, John, Calno
Michell, P.Z., Calno
Michell, William, Calno
O'Brien, Daniel, Dunnfield
O'Connor, Martin, laborer, Dunnfield
Rible, Angeline, Calno
Rible, W.R., Calno
Spansunburg, Andrew, Millbrook
Spansunburg, William, laborer, Millbrook
Smith, Jacob, Dunnfield
Smith, Daniel, Dunnfield
Smith, David, clerk, Dunnfield
Stronk, J.M., laborer, Calno
Suttan, M.M., Calno
Stires, George, laborer, Calno
Snover, Hampton, laborer, Calno
Sisco, Robert, mason, Millbrook
Stires, F.C., Justice of Peace, Millbrook
Shoemaker, Daniel, laborer, Calno
Tillman, G.M., Dunnfield
Transue, Adam, Dunnfield
Transue, Godfrey, Dunnfield
Tillman, I.R., Calno
Vancamp, Moses, Calno
Vannken, John, Calno
Vangordon, Abraham, mason, Calno
Vangordon, Andrew, laborer, Millbrook
Vangordon, Abraham, laborer, Millbrook
Vancampen, W.O., laborer, Millbrook
Vanetten, William, school teacher, Millbrook
Vanetten, John, school teacher, Millbrook
Vanetten, Susan, Millbrook
Vencampen, Frank, laborer, Millbrook
Welter, John, laborer, Millbrook
Warner, Obidiah, laborer, Millbrook
Warner, Ouston, laborer, Millbrook
Wilgis, Joseph, laborer, Millbrook
Warner, Israel, Millbrook
Walker, Charles, Dunnfield
Walker, Chas., Dunnfield
Walker, C.M., Dunnfield
Wyckoff, M.A., Dunnfield
Wyckoff, S.D., laborer, Dunnfield
Walter, Abram, laborer, Millbrook
Zimmerman, John, Calno
Zimmerman, Hiram, Calno